Yasssss #Gaga #artRAVEsydney

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Early morning recovery donuts (at Krispy Kreme)

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Definitely ready for bed (at snooze city)

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#artRAVEsydney aftermath #confetti (at Allphones Arena)

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Waited 14 hours for this sexy view #sexxdreams #artRAVEsydney (at Allphones Arena)

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Could be at the footy, but…. #artRAVEsydney #slayyyyy (at Allphones Arena)

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10 and a half hours down, 3 hours to go #artRAVEsydney #LadyGaga (at Allphones Arena)

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Inspired by 3D modelling software glitches, Noa Raviv has designed garments that bring the digital into a physical space.  Classic Greek and Roman sculptures are the starting point and then worked into hi-tech garments.

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Cushnie et Ochs SS 10

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